30+ Year Old Recipe – Part 2

So today I made some more progress on the elusive tostada recipe from so long ago. I spoke to some very lovely people who were really eager to help. I mean it is such an unusual thing I am doing. How many people go around calling a quarter of the way around the world just for a tostada! First I spoke to Kathy at the Chamber of Commerce. She knew the restaurant I was speaking of but had nothing beyond that to offer me. So she recommended that I call the Visitors Bureau, something else I never would have considered! At the Visitor’s Bureau I spoke to Terry, again very nice, who came up with another idea I hadn’t thought of. She recommended I call the current Mexican restaurant hot spot and speak to the owner there.  Before leaving off with Terry we talked about when I used to live in Juneau and where. How the city has grown, but is still small. One of my favorite things about living there when I did was that I could bike to so many places. To the pool, the museum, Fernando’s Restaurant! where I would sometimes surprise my mother and meet her for a “drink” before business meetings, and even to the glacier where I would hike the mountain and then go home again. In fact, except for the rain, Juneau was one of my favorite places that I lived. I really loved it there. But onward on my journey! So I next called a restaurant named El Sombrero. The owner wasn’t in but I spoke with a manager. He seemed to know just what I was talking about in regards the tostada and the old restaurant. He didn’t have contact information but he was more than willing to tell me how to build that tostada.  I have already e-mailed my mother with the instructions, the very simple instructions, and so now we await part 3 of the story. How will it turn out? Will I need to continue my search? The trail is not cold yet so we will just have to wait and see what my mom thinks!



6 thoughts on “30+ Year Old Recipe – Part 2

  1. It was worth the calls to revisit your old home, so to speak, I would think! Can’t wait for the taste test!

    1. Just a note, the picture is a public domain shot of something that looked kind of Mexican. However, once the recipe is approved by my mother as “the one” I will make it myself and take a picture to share.

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