Autumn, Let Me Count the Ways…

I love autumn, it is my favorite time of the year. And today has been a perfect autumn day. Being such I have had on my mind all the things that make autumn the best, at least for me. So here is what I think.

+ Crisp air

+ The chill of the early morning, when the sun first comes up

+ Fall colors

+ Crunchy leaves

+ The way on a clear day the colors seem to POP! more

+ I quit being miserably hot

+ Going for walks with my dog

+ How the sun seems brighter

+ Watching leaves float, fall, dance, twirl down to the ground

Off the top of my head those are the highlights of autumn. Here are some more:

Maple leaves
Maple leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn
English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Autumn Landscape
Autumn Landscape (Photo credit: blmiers2)
Autumn is back
Autumn is back (Photo credit: Geekr)
Autumn leaf color
Autumn leaf color (Photo credit: INABA Tomoaki)
Autumn leaf color in Shinnyo-do, Kyoto, Japan
Autumn leaf color in Shinnyo-do, Kyoto, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



4 thoughts on “Autumn, Let Me Count the Ways…

  1. Agree!

    Just my body is aching all over…spent over 4 hours blowing the leaves yesterday.

    Normally would not take as long, but wanted them in the back…in the sink hole.

    I have put some annual plants in it and covered with straw and leaves…seeing if maybe I can save them for next year.

    Hoping to have the hole  refilled again next spring with good dirt…hoping it would be the last time it needs to be filled.

    Will have to dig up some hydrangeas to fill it, but it is getting too dangerous for us to maneuver to the other side.

    Thought I might make use of it this winter!

    1. Sorry you aren’t getting to enjoy autumn as you would like. I think I probably got my love of autumn from you! Hope you are able to do more as the temperatures stay cooler for you. Love you!

  2. It has certainly been pretty this year, mostly seen through windows of the house and car for me. Unseasonably cold, and so I have been observing through glass this year.

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