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While we are still travelling around the world, that doesn’t exactly stop me from thinking and therefore, does not stop me from sharing! Sometimes I feel as though chaos reigns over my world. I do not like this. To be honest, in this instance, I do not really care how the dictionary defines chaos, it doesn’t matter because I have my definition and I am aware when it has struck, and it has.

Chaos is when you can’t hold a thought in your head for very long. And when I say very long, I mean like a full minute. Chaos is feeling all the things you need to do and all the things you want to do spinning about you at such a velocity you are sure that any decent weather man would classify ¬†you as an F5 tornado.

Chaos is also when your emotions are such that you can’t tell what you feel. You’ve heard people say about the weather where they live being so changeable, “If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes and it will change!” Well, that is what emotional chaos is like. Someone asks you, “How are you today?” How do you answer when one second you are great and then the next you are irritable, and then you are happy again.

So what to do about chaos? Well, the chaos that I have described above, not too much. So you take control of what you can. For me tonight it will be to clean. I am just going to start tackling stuff until I feel like I have taken charge of something, anything. And then I’ll breathe a little easier.

Anyway, that is what I think!