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The Internet – Helpful or Overwhelming?

When I was in school we often had to do reports on one thing or another. Book reports were easy, you only needed the book. Others were more involved, requiring visits to the library, encyclopedias and other books on the given topic. One year I had to do a report on a state, I chose North Carolina. I remember having to call and request from the chamber of something or another and get information sent to me so that I could get the information needed for my report. It was a big deal, and once I received the information I remember pouring through looking for the things that were required for my report.

I’ve often thought how much easier it would be today. Today you just hop on your computer, type in a few keywords and poof! you have your report information. Since I started doing the around the world blog, I am finding that this is not really the case. It really is not all that easy because when you type in your keywords there is no telling how many pages are going to come up that are irrelevant to what you are looking for. In fact you receive so much more information, some of it false, than you could find in two or three local libraries. But still somewhere in all the links what you need does eventually show itself.

So I have decided that what I think is this, the internet is overwhelmingly helpful. It has what we need, we just have to learn to weed out the false and irrelevant and have a lot of patience. Not much different from my library days.



So, here is what I know, I love all things creative.  The more things I try, the more I love being creative.  I have, in general, been self taught in all that I have done:  painting, drawing, polymer clay, pastels, beading, writing, needlepoint, origami, scrap-booking.  And, most of the time, I have felt fairly confident in the things I have taught myself, but I also realize that in some facets of each of my arts I am lacking.  A Jack of all trades, Master of none kind of thing.

So yesterday I signed up for a creative writing course.  I think my writing is fairly good as it is, but my ability to build a story and then follow it through is lacking.  So maybe I’ll learn something.  The course is one of those correspondence courses, Stratford Career Institute.  The syllabus sounds thorough, at least for what I want to learn and so I am hopeful.  But nervous too.

Some results of my creative streak:

Pastel and Acrylic on Canvas; Acrylic and polymer clay on wood.
Wire, Bead and Polymer Clay Key Chain
Polymer Clay on Glass
Beaded Hair Combs